Best Style Tips You Got From Your Dad

Whenever you dress up according to your mother’s choice, you end up looking like a clone but when it comes to dressing sense of your dad, he carries a super power. Dad not only knows who to dress perfectly but he also knows how to shop smartly, invest properly and work according to your budget.

Celebrating Father’s day, here we brought you the best style tips you got from your dad.
1. T-shirts and blazers

Yes, there is a fashion sense that combines T-shirt and blazers altogether because there are people who love this combination. Your dad is the one who loves to pair a casual shirt along with a blazer with slim fitting jeans.

2. Brand loyalty

He always taught you the lesson of brand loyalty! He is a person who would always advise you to stick to one brand that you trust and go with it always. Although you are not only the one to opt for such brands but surely you should be loyal to one clothing brand.

3. Proper hats

It is always said that dads believe in wearing proper hats that suit his style and enhance his style quotient. Dad who often rocks his dressing along with a proper hat is known as dude’s gentleman.

4. About the tie

As a father, he would love to master his son when it comes to wardrobe collection and dressing. Your father knows how a tie can set gentlemen apart from the crowd and hence he would teach you to collect some good ties. The quantity of tie does not matter, what matters is the quality and how you carry it.

5. The tailor

He would always incorporate the value of sticking to one tailor. Find a person who stitches the best clothes for you and stick to him always. A tailor is responsible for making a man look good, and there is an infinite benefit to finding a tailor that can bring out the best in your wardrobe.

6. Jeans

Every pair of jeans is important but most of your father would prefer for quality rather than quantity. Generally, dad would suggest you go with the jean stitches that are rather expensive and high quality because he knows how quality affects your presence.

7. Polished shoes

Oh well, you are a grown up man who should look more into your shoes rather than anything else. Well-polished shoes can reflect the personality of the person wearing it and this is taught to you by your father. This tedious task is equally important when it comes to dressing.

8. Always wear a belt

Wearing a belt is one of the golden styling tip given by your dad. He says you should always wear a belt even if you are wearing a t-shirt outside the pants. He makes you understand that belt can help to keep your pant around the waist and ensure you to look good.