Ed Sheeran Is Being Sued For $20 Million

Ed Sheeran is known for his original songwriting and lyrics, so it’s hard to believe he’d ever steal other people’s work, right?

Surprisingly, the red-haired singer has got himself into a spot of legal trouble recently.

If you’re a huge Sheeran fan then you’ll be rather sad to hear the A-Team singer has been accused of stealing music from another artist.


Remember UK X Factor winner Matt Cardle? His music career didn’t really take off as well as other X Factor stars, but he was still pretty good with a guitar and even had a hit album called ‘Letters’.

His track ‘Amazing’ is scarily similar to Ed’s catchy-tune ‘Photograph’. So much so that the chart topper is now being sued for $20 million for arguably stealing Matt’s song.

Songwriters Martin Harrington and Thomas Leonard wrote ‘Amazing’ in 2009, and it was later released as a single by the X Factor winner.

Harrington and Leonard noticed the style, melody, rhythm and lyrics in Ed’s heartfelt song held a strong similarity to the one they wrote. Listen to it below:

Kinda catchy isn’t it? Matt’s song only reached number 84 in the UK charts with 1 million YouTube hits, which is pretty low compared to ‘Photograph’ being watched over 208 million times and selling 3.5 million copies worldwide.

After listening to the 2009 song, you can really pick out the note-for-note copying in Ed’s ‘Photograph’.

The lawsuit claims that there are 39 identical notes in the two songs. With an injunction even being taken out on Sheeran for the song, meaning he could be banned from performing it in the future, it seems a pretty serious battle has begun.

Will this be the end of seeing Ed’s cute baby-face on YouTube whenever we want? We hope not.