Amazon Launches Glare-free Kindle at Rs. 5,999

Amazon has launched an upgraded version of Kindle that would be thinner and priced at Rs 5,999. Amazon Kindle has been readily accepted by book lovers in India who have been able to read multiple e-books at lower price without dealing with distractions that come along while reading a text in phone in form of calls and message notifications.

Amazon Kindle Oasis A model holds the Amazon Kindle Oasis. (AP Photo)

The major advantage with the upgraded Kindle Oasis is its high contrast touch screen display which eliminates glare even in sunlight.

The new device weights at 161 grams and has a six inch display. Some other features are expert notes allowing users to send notes and mail them. Also,there will be a Bluetooth audio paired with the screen enabling visually impaired readers to hear the content without additional adapter. The device is available in Black and White color.

This version also supports content from Goodreads, Vocabulary Builder and Word Wise. Just like the previous version, Kindle could be connected to Wifi to load more online content. It would be available for sale on Amazon website from 7 July 2016.