How to Make Any Room Smell Heavenly With These DIY Air Fresheners

How to Make Any Room Smell Heavenly With These DIY Air Fresheners {Frugal Project}

With a baby to take care of, my house doesn’t always smell amazing. In fact, sometimes it can smell downright bad! That’s why I’ve been buying a lot of air fresheners lately. The problem is that I don’t like how air fresheners from the store smell either! The scents are really artificial, and they just make my house smell like a department store …; yuck. I don’t want my house to smell like a store. I want it to smell like home.

I actually do have a recipe for DIY gel candles. But sometimes I don’t feel like going to all the trouble to make them. I wondered if there is a faster, easier way to create air fresheners at home using essential oils, and I ended up finding this great video.

This is going to be so fast and easy to do once I’ve got the jars set up! And as with the gel candles I talked about before, you are using essential oils for these. That is excellent, because essential oils are 100% natural and healthy. That means they smell a million times better than those store-bought air fresheners, and they are better for your home environment. Once you have essential oils on hand, you will also quickly discover there are a ton of other uses for them.

The best part of all though is the fact that you can choose any combination of oils that you want and customize your results. Your home can literally smell like anything you want. So this is a great (and aromatic) way to express your personality!