Nexar App hopes to steer you clear of bad drivers

ISRAEL (Reuters) – An app has been designed to help people steer clear of dodgy drivers.

Smartphones are well-known to be a dangerous distraction but an Israeli developer created Nexar to use its in-built technology, for safety.

The app acts as a dash cam and warns of tricky sections of road and reckless drivers.

“The uniqueness of Nexar is that it works in real time and it uses all of the sensors of the phone, particularly the camera but also other sensors, to create real time trajectories of every car on the road and then predict when accidents are about to happen and warn you. At the same time, if an accident does happen, we have full reconstruction capability of the event, so if you know how it fold, you have all the evidence to get out of the situation,” says Eran Shir, CEO of Nexar.

The app is more than just a recording device. It tries to understand the road and notices unusual events on the journey.

“Hard stop.. you see that Nexar detected that there was a hard break and it automatically captures the event.” An accident captured by Nexar Something it’s creators hope will become a thing of the past,” he explains.

“Here we’re talking about life and death. We’re giving you the license to drive a really big machine that can kill people and you need to be way more accountable and we want to be a part of it. But we’re doing it not to become sort of the ‘big brother’ or help big brother, we think of it more of like many, many small or little brothers that are taking into account the feedback that we give them in their decisions.”

Drivers are rated for their road safety and the developers want the technology in all cars of the future. So some may fear their freewheeling days are numbered.