Google honours R.D. Burman on 77th birth anniversary

NEW DELHI: Search engine Google on Monday celebrated India’s legendary music composer R.D. Burman’s 77th birth anniversary with a doodle on its India homepage.

“Bringing in influences from all over the world, from disco, to funk, to cabaret, R.D. Burman revolutionised Bollywood,” it said.

Popularly known as Panchamda, R.D.Burman revolutionised the Hindi music industry by infusing it with western style.

He is popular for his peppy songs such as ‘Dum Maaro Dum’, ‘Piya Tu’, ‘Aaja Aaja Main Hoon Pyaar’ and ‘O Haseena Zulfonwaali’.

 He has also left behind a legacy of melodious songs such as ‘Waadiyan Mera Daaman’, ‘Chura Liya’, ‘Ek Ladki Ko Dekha’, ‘Tumne Mujhe Dekha’ and ‘Musafir Hoon Yaaro’.

R.D. Burman was born in Calcutta on June 27th, 1939, in Calcutta.  His father was the legendary music director S.D. Burman and his mother was named Meera.

His professional career began in 1958.  He began assisting his father on films such as “Solva Saal” (1958), “Chalti Ka Naaam Gaadi” (1958), and “Kaagaz ka Phool” (1957). 

His first film as music director was Guru Dutt’s film “Raaz” (1959); unfortunately, this film was shelved in the middle of the project. 

His first released film as a music director was Mehmood’s “Chote Nawaab” (1961).  From there his career was firmly launched.

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