Start the Morning out Right with These 5 Genius Coffee Hacks

Start the Morning out Right with These 5 Genius Coffee Hacks {Video Instructions}

There is nothing like that first sip of coffee in the morning to give me energy and wake me up. But coffee is something I end up drinking all through the day. When I hit that mid-afternoon energy low, coffee picks me back up. When I want to relax after dinner while I’m watching TV, it’s coffee time again.

I make my own coffee, so I’m always learning cool tips and tricks. But a lot of the weird coffee hacks I know have nothing to do with actually drinking coffee. For example, here is a post on using coffee beans to get rid of dark bags under your eyes. And here is another that teaches you how to make pom poms from coffee filters. All very cool, right? But none of it helps me to make a better beverage.

For that, I direct your attention to this outstanding video I just discovered:

Here are the awesome hacks you’ll learn as you watch:

1. How to make your own milk foam.

2. Get rid of the bitter taste in your coffee.

3. Replace ice cubes with coffee cubes (no more watered-down iced coffee—yay!).

4. Make coffee bags which are ready-to-go.

5. Decorate your coffee using a stencil (this is a really cool one!)

So now I definitely know how to start the morning out right with the perfect cup of coffee … and you do too! Enjoy these awesome coffee hacks by CME Network™!