18 Things In Your Attic That Are Worth A Fortune

A lot of us are guilty of hoarding worthless junk in our attics for years, but thankfully the likelihood is that amongst all of this rubbish there will be one or two items that are worth a fortune.

These hidden gems may not seem like anything extraordinary to the blind eye yet, those are usually the pieces that are worth the most.

From ancient football programs to rusting weather vanes, there are countless items that could be worth a fortune just rotting away in your attic as we speak.

To find out whether you have been sitting on a goldmine this whole time, here are some valuable antiques that are commonly found lying around in people’s attics.

Soda Crates


Back in the early 1900s, soda had just started being created and the small quantities were delivered in crates. These rare wooden carry cases are now seriously collectable and can sell for up to $200. If you happen to have any made during the 1950s-60s these are less valuable but will still get you $20.