Making This DIY Frozen Bananas Soft Serve is Easier than You Think

Making This DIY Frozen Bananas Soft Serve is Easier than You Think {Recipe}

Now that summer is in full swing, I am eager to find frozen dessert recipes. My kitchen faces west, and that means that my dining area tends to heat up right around dinner time. Yeah, I could run the AC, but I like to try and save on our power bills. That means that our house can get pretty warm right around when we eat. So after dinner, we want something cold and refreshing to cool us down.

So far I have found a number of delicious smoothies like this watermelon treat and this antioxidant smoothie. Neither of those recipes is all that difficult, but I wanted to find something really easy. And that’s when I came across this video which taught me how to make a frozen banana soft serve treat:

Did you watch it? If so, I bet your jaw hit the floor just like mine when you found out how astoundingly easy this is to make. I mean, you literally just freeze the bananas and blend them! The texture of the bananas provides all the smoothness needed; you don’t even have to add anything except whatever yummy toppings you want to use. It does not get simpler than this—or lower in calories.

So now you have the perfect recipe to make for those hot summer days, especially when you are feeling lazy and don’t want to do a lot of prep work! Just keep some bananas handy in the freezer and you’ll be ready to throw this quick dessert together whenever you’re hungry for it.

Recipe by Oprah Network.