Nintendo Switch Survives 1,000 Feet Drop

Nintendo’s hardware products are generally quite durable but you wouldn’t reasonably expect one of its products to survive a 1,000 feet drop. Then again, it’s not like that’s a reasonable use case for a product in the first place. Nevertheless, a YouTuber decided to find out what would happen to the Nintendo Switch console if it was dropped from that height. The result is going to surprise you.

The folks behind the YouTube channel attached a Nintendo Switch console to a drone using a lot of tape and a very strong cord. The drone was then flown to a height of 1,000 feet above the ground.

Once the drone reached the required height, it dropped the console which came crashing down to earth. The console landed on its left Joy-Con controller which was completely destroyed, but that was to be expected. What’s surprising to see is that nothing else was destroyed.

The console itself survived the fall, the screen didn’t crack, it could play games and even the right Joy-Con controller was fully functional. That’s impressive.

The only purpose this test serves is that it lets you know that the Nintendo Switch is more than capable of handling bumps and bruises. Not like you’ll be playing it 1,000 feet up in the air with nowhere to put your feet up.