PlayStation Now Support Ending For Many Devices

PlayStation Now is a way to play Playstation 3 games via the cloud on devices including the PlayStation TV, Bravia TV models, PS Vita, and a few other devices. Later this year, Sony will end support for some their devices. This will leave subscribers with few options and limited flexibility. Subscribers won’t have to worry right away as Sony plans to slash support for the devices late this year.

The change is a surprise to many PS Now subscribers who love the ability to play titles on their devices. The service will cut support for:

– PS3
– PS Vita and PS TV
– All Samsung TV models
– All Sony Blu-ray player mmodels
– All Sony Bravia TV models between 2013-2015

PlayStation Now Controller

PlayStation Now will only Support the PlayStation 4 and PC

With all the devices being dropped it’s surprising any devices are left. Sony will only support the PS4 and PC going forward. The change is meant to help Sony focus support for current generation equipment. They’ll get to optimize streaming games for advance hardware over a TV or streaming stick with little to no processing power.

For subscribers who don’t have a PS4 or PC to play their games, they can cancel their subscription. They can continue to play until August when Sony plans to stop support. The reaction in the comments on the blog post hasn’t been positive. Users and fans are upset with Sony over how they’re abruptly ending support for their hardware.

The bigger question around this is when Sony will start winding down support for the PS3 and PS Vita. The devices have been around for years, and are starting to show their age. Sony’s decision to shift focus towards PC and the PS4 could be the start of the process. We’ll have to see if Sony cuts support for any of their other services or if they keep the device around.

Tell us your thoughts! Are you using PS Now with one of the devices that won’t have support come fall time?