Xbox One X questions answered: hard drive space, Kinect compatability, and more

We now know a lot more about the Xbox One X than we did yesterday. For one, we know the name (which makes sense when you put it next to the Xbox One S, but sounds very silly when you say it out loud). We know the price is $499 / £449 (which is a heck of a lot of money). We know it’s coming November 7. And we know that it’ll support 4K gaming at 60 frames per second across the board. But what about all the stuff we don’t know?

I took a gander around the internet to compile a list of questions that people seem to be asking about and found the best answers I could from twitter, videos, interviews, and official sources. From Xbox One X’s ports, to Kinect support, and how to pre-order, this should fill you in on everything else you need to know about Microsoft’s upcoming console.

What ports are on the back of the console?

We’ve got a good look at the back of the Xbox One X, thanks to a screenshot provided by video game tipster Wario 64:

Another look of Xbox One X back ports 11, 2017

Looks like you’ll get the same HDMI in/out ports as the other Xbox One consoles for all your TV needs, two USB 3.0 ports on the back, IR Out, S/PDIF, and an ethernet jack. If you’re noticing something missing, you’re right: there is no Kinect jack on the back of the console. Looks like Microsoft is continuing the slow, quiet death march for the system’s once-bundled motion-control camera.

So wait, will Kinect work at all on the Xbox One X then?

Yes, it will, but you’ll have to buy a Kinect adapter directly from Microsoft if you want to keep using it. It’ll hook up your Kinect to one of the USB ports in the back. You can buy it directly from the Microsoft Store.

What about other accessories – will my controllers work?

According to the official website, all accessories previously made for Xbox One (along with all future accessories to be made for Xbox One) will work. Xbox One controllers, headsets, even the Elite controller will all work as if they can run on an Xbox One. The system itself will come with the same controller that comes with the S models, which means you’ll be able to use it on your PC (if your computer has a Bluetooth adapter, that is). 

What size hard drive does it come with?

According to the YouTube Gaming interview with Geoff Keighley which took place after the show, the Xbox One X will come standard with 1TB of hard drive space.

How does original Xbox backwards compatibility work?

Phil Spencer announced that original Xbox games are headed to Xbox One and Xbox One X consoles this September, with Crimson Skies leading the charge. But not a lot was said about how they would work. Albert Penello, lead marketing for Microsoft, let slip some additional details on how Xbox games will run on Xbox One platforms:

Your original Xbox discs will work. Digital licenses will carry over. AND you can system-link play across all three generations.June 12, 2017

So it sounds very similar to the way the Xbox One already handles 360 games: whether you have a digital copy or the original disc, as long as it’s whitelisted, you’ll be able to play it. 

So what does “console exclusive” mean?

This is a harder question to pin down, because a lot of the information about terms or length of exclusivity is kept secret. Rise of the Tomb Raider, for instance, was an Xbox One exclusive for a only a few months before the PC version launched – then the PS4 version was released the following holiday. But if you see an Xbox One (or Xbox One X game) with the ‘console exclusive’ tag, you’re probably not going to find it anywhere else for at least a handful of months. 

You’ll still be able to get it on a Windows 10 PC though. That’s just how this Xbox Play Anywhere stuff works.

Ok, so I want one of these things. Can I pre-order it yet?

Not yet, but here’s where you’ll be able to pre-order an Xbox One X as soon as it’s available.  According to Xbox’s website, the Xbox One X is still in the process of getting FCC approval – basically, an assurance that none of its electronics or wireless signals are going to make your brain explode like that dude in Scanners – but once that happens, pre-orders should be quick to follow. On IGN Live, Albert Penello said they should be up later this year.

Albert Penello says they will do Xbox One X preorders “later in the year” 12, 2017

So, is this weird? Not really – when Nintendo revealed the Switch and its various accessories, pre-orders for the Switch Pro Controller didn’t open up until a few weeks after the reveal for the same reason. Patience!