Alleged iPhone 8 Geekbench Benchmark Scores Surface

When it comes to marketing the iPhone, Apple tends to stay away from the technicals and usually prefers marketing the phone’s features and the lifestyle associated with it. This is why sometimes the iPhone is ridiculed due to its perceived low specs compared to Android. However as we have seen in the past, that’s hardly true.

To give you guys some perspective, the single-core score is already 30% better than that of the iPhone 7, and 58% better in multi-core score than its predecessor. As for the competition, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 only managed to score 1,945 for single and 6,338 for multi. That being said, benchmark scores are just one way to measure a phone’s performance and it might not necessarily reflect real-life usage.

There could be other features that might appeal to you more than just power, like display size, resolution, camera quality, operating system features, and so on, but so far on paper and assuming this Geekbench sighting is legit, the iPhone 8 could very well be blowing the competition out of the water already.