MacBook Pro is coming with all new amazing features! just wait till 27th launch

Apple has said, the company’s CEO Tim Cook is likely to announce the launch its MacBook Pro line-up, MacBook and MacBook Air on Thursday October 27 at Apple’s Cupertino campus.

“Cook is expected to reveal a MacBook Pro which continues the ethos of dropping ports and old solutions that saw the headphone jack removed from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus” said tech website Forbes about the upcoming launch of MacBook Pro.

Since its launch in 2009, MacBook Pro has not changed much except marginal changes in design, spec updates, and a sharper Retina display.

Let’s find out what are the specs, performance, design of new Mac Pro:

1. Mac Pro may appear in two main models having different screen sizes:

Mac Pro is likely to appear in two models having 13-inch and 15-inch screens.

2. Mac Pro to sport new design
New Mac Pro may sport a sleek and subtle changes to five it as sharper look, an expert said, “shallower curves around the edges,” are likely.

3. More thinner than present MacBook Pro models
New MacBook Pros is going to be more thinner than present MacBook Pro models.

4. It will have an even design than present MacBook Pro
To give it a thinner look, Apple changes its design to save space.

5. MacBook Pro may have an OLED strip

Having customizable keys instead of the ‘F’ keys, will be a new change, and the new strip will replace “F” keys, now found above the row of number keys on a keyboard. It will help users the “F” key functions.

6. new MacBook Pro will have USB-C ports

It makes use of USB-C ports to connect external devices.

7. USB-C helps in charging
It is an additional feature of new model, as it lets you to charge, It won’t have regular USB ports.

8. It will run using Apple’s new macOS Sierra:

Apple’s new macOS Sierra may have some new features like “picture in picture” to help pop out a video in another window, and let you save space by storing files in iCloud, and lets use Apple’s Siri voice-activated assistant.