We FINALLY know when we can get the Nintendo Switch

It doesn’t matter what Nintendo does, the internet will always explode when it announces a new console.

And we know finally know when we’re going to get our hands on the next one, with the Nintendo Switch release date finally revealed.

When Nintendo first announced the Switch last year, the Japanese gaming giant pencilled in a loose March release date for the gadget.

That means we now have LESS than two months until the Wii U officially gets replaced with the Switch and we move into an age of the hybrid console.

The Nintendo Wii U never quite reached fruition, thanks to an odd launch, poor sales and terrible game releases outside of Nintendo-made products like Zelda and Mario.


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The Nintendo Switch quite a different beast from other consoles, like the PS4 and Xbox One, in that it aims to bridge the game between home consoles and devices like the 3DS.

Its main bulk is made up of an iPad-like gadget for easy portability, but also then slid into a docking system that connects it to your TV at home for the big screen experience.

There are also a pair of controller pads, known suggestively as the Joy-Con controllers. They attach to either side of the Switch itself, or can be detached from the console when docked or utilising the tablet portion’s kickstand.

As for the price, you’re looking at a recommended RRP of $299.99, which equates to around £250 here. We don’t have a confirmed European price yet as here in the UK, it’s up to retailers to set the console’s actual cost.

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