Blaster Master Zero surpassed 80,000 copies sold on Nintendo Switch

One of the earliest third-party developers to the Nintendo Switch party revealed some sales data today.

Switch owners have downloaded developer Inti Creates Blaster Master Zero throwback platformer more than 80,000 times since it debuted in early March. The studio had 35 people build the sequel to the Nintendo Entertainment System original over a six-month period. But Inti, which also published the game, did not indicate if putting those resources into Blaster Master Zero for that level of sales was a positive return on its investment.

Blaster Master was a long-dormant series. It first debuted in 1988 on the NES from publisher Sunsoft. Inti acquired the rights to the franchise and brought it back with a similar visual style and gameplay. This is something the studio has experience with as it previously worked on Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10, which were modern games made to look like the NES Mega Man releases.

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