Website Design Marketing : How to Market your Website

Website design marketing is crucial if you want to make sales from your online presence. As you will be well aware, your online marketing does not stop with the launch of your website. If no one knows you have launched your website, then no one will find it. There is no magical formula that will push your website to the top of the rankings. Paying for adverts will cut into your budget. Below is a way to look at how you can market your website effectively.

Website Design Marketing : SEO

SEO or search engine optimisation is something your local web design team in Bristol can handle for you. Trying to do your own SEO work can be tricky. You will need to use a keyword planner to decipher what keywords or phrases people are looking for, and you will need to understand SEO strategies. Feeling lost? Then let your Bristol website design marketing and SEO experts handle the job for you.

Website Design Marketing : Social Media

Social media is a very effective and essentially free way to promote your website. Linking your social media account to your website is a must. But, you must be aware that social media for business is different than for personal use. Where possible, link your business social media profile to your website. Not sure what tactics to use for business social media? Once again, your web design team can handle this work for you.

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Search Engine Directories

An easy way to get your website and business found is to add it to search engine listing. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all the top directories offer you a free listing service. You will also find a lot of smaller directories and local directories you can add your details to.

Your Signature

When your website was launched, you should have launched your signature brand image with it. This image will be used in email correspondence and in forum messages. It needs to be eye catching and easy to memorize. Do you know the signature image for your favourite brand of sportswear? I’m sure you do. So, your signature needs to be something that people will recognise and remember, and is something your web design Bristol experts can help you with if your website currently has no brand image.

Website Design Marketing : Linking

One tried and tested method to get your website seen is to link it to other content found on the Internet, and not just your own. Linking your content to relevant and high ranking sites will ensure that your own website starts to climb in the rankings. This is an ongoing process and something that can be managed by your SEO experts for a small monthly fee.

Local Google Guides

As a local business, you need to get yourself on the map. Everyone uses Google Maps, and you can add your local business for free. It doesn’t matter if your home doesn’t have a physical address. You can add your business to your home address. What is important is that people who use Google Local will find your business.

These are just some of the ways you can get your website seen by people locally and all around the world. As a small local business you should concentrate firstly on establishing yourself in the local community first. This can be done through local directories, maps, and through social media.

Once you are an established business in the local community, you can expand your business so that it reaches out on a national or even global scale. The beauty of having an online presence for your business is that there are no limits as to how far and wide you can promote your business.

Website Design Marketing : Getting Professional Help

If you already have a website but it is not bringing in sales, contact your website design marketing team today. If your site is not optimised, or is not linked to any other content around the Internet, then no one will ever find it. For just a small monthly fee you can arrange for all of your SEO work to be done for you. If you prefer, you can add content to your website on a regular basis in the form of blog articles. But remember, when writing content for your site, you need to optimise it. You may have fantastic ideas, a great business, and lots of news that you are ready and willing to share with your customers. But, if they can’t find you, you will be wasting time that could be much better used elsewhere.

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