Four-G technology is finally launched!

2013 thrijira radio waves auction was held on 8 September. The March of 014 mobile operators in customer service is at the buyers. However, the state-owned mobile phone operator from 2013 in August launched an experimental service buyers.

One / Eleven-WiMAX service in the subsequent caretaker government after the disruptions of the buyers was launched. The caretaker government announced a number of times over the buyers could not be launched. As a result, other countries in South Asia after the service was introduced in Bangladesh buyers. The Awami League-led grand alliance government came to power in 2009 eases the complexity of wireless spectrum auction was for 2013 thrijira.

During the introduction of advanced services to buyers all over the world, including Bangladesh, India, neighboring LTE service was introduced.

After various processes, and customer demand is different calculations about the various initiatives launched to nikase LTE. LTE in the 2016, but it was not announced. In particular, the use of radio waves prayuktinirapeksa policy was not interested in the mobile phone operators to launch LTE on the auction was postponed.

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