The Hidden Technology of Football

Innovations are changing our everyday life. New ideas are the driving force of the football industry for improving comfort, safety and performance aspects for the players and referees on the pitch. Find out how VAR, GLT and EPTS affect the beautiful game. Find out more at
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14 Responses to The Hidden Technology of Football

  1. ahmednmasays:

    human errors and uncounted goals and penalities are part of football fun. yes they are ruining football

  2. Milos cokersays:

    👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 no hagan del futbol otro deporte lento como el futbol americano, los jugadores se enfrian

  3. 1Pheversays:

    FIFA’s governing body should have a tracking system monitoring their bank accounts too!

  4. 1Pheversays:

    This is fantastic! Is it going to keep track and alert the respective authorities about bribes taken by officials too? Could it focus on Florentino Pérez and his cronies?

  5. IVAN DRAGONsays:

    Hahaah barcellona, real madrid ???

  6. Aykutsays:

    We need VAR & GLT implemented in all competitions around the world. They make the game we love so much more just!

  7. Robert S.says:

    Implementen esto rápido en todas ligas y torneos para evitar tantos errores arbitrales que ensucian el juego/ Apply this things in all the competitions for avoid arbitral mistakes that ruin the game. (Sorry for bad English. I tried :v)

  8. Haryel Toretossays:

    thankyou fantino you ruined the football I hope you became millonaire with allo this marketing bussiness bullshit

  9. Cabdicaziiz Warsamesays:

    this technology is solving many problems in sports

  10. 藍星恐慌says:

    Ref: why keep me running and sweating then? Give me an air conditioning room, no one is listening to my judgement anyway.

  11. Gera Ssays:

    why the ball AND the line are white? That should make more difficult to see for a referee

  12. Tadeu Lelissays:

    corinthians vai ficar 100 anos sem título agora

  13. neblinaspsays:

    con estas tecnologías és impossible para argentinos ganaren juegos con sus trampas, muy bien fifa.

  14. Luke Murraysays:

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