Logistics And Technology go Hand in Hand

Have you noticed the lane of those symmetrical transparent containers, sitting proudly on the top rack of your kitchen holding sugar, tea, lentils or the sparkling ceramic dinner set matching with the theme for your next party, or those napkins which was a free gift with that pink floral bed sheet of your dreams or that new sofa which your eyes do not get tired of looking at. You did not go to market to buy a single item out of the list above, you shopped them from the comfort of your very home, on your mobile screen or your laptop and they were all home delivered to you at the time you wanted. You also had the luxury to choose the payment that suited you best and also get it exchanged for a bigger or smaller size in case of any issues. This is how the logistics and transportations are supporting the e-commerce business by using advanced technology. Let’s have a look at technology-enabled features in logistics and transportation.

We shop from the e-commerce websites, they get the product ready to ship and entrust the responsibility to third party logistics provider to arrange for pickup and delivery hence we get the item delivered on time, safely and securely. All these things are done on a timely basis, without having the customer to put a single step out.

Technological advances in logistics and transportation have further made it easy for sellers, third party logistics, and customers to contact and communicate with each other through specific apps or other modes of communication. The clarifications of all your questions and confusions is just a call away.

Delivery receipts and delay predictions

Technology has enabled the service providers to send an electronic proof of delivery as soon as you receive the item. Nowadays the majority of the logistics provider is able to generate area maps where maximum delays are happening.

Delivery vehicles are enabled with GPS or other tracking technologies which have made it easier to find out the minute to minute location details of the transported items.

The use of technology has also expedited the return and refund process. You can now get the refund into your bank account within few hours of returning your item for pickup and delivery service. If your area is not serviceable for return requests than you opt for online pickup booking and rest all fall into place automatically.

Perishable food items are also getting delivered to your home owing to the cold chain logistics providers. The especially designed boxes and storage compartments have the feature of adjusting the temperature and other settings from a particular product app used by delivery boys.

These are few of the simple examples wherein technology has given a 360-degree turn to the conventional logistics. Aren’t you ready to see more technological advancements in the logistics to make your buying process a happy experience?