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News are important for humans, as they help in reflecting views opinion of one’s life, what an individual thinks about anyone or how they react. Mind Blank is a website that reviews the opinion and news of the people. It has a very simple layout and anyone can easily view or read news on technology. This is an Australia based weblog that outcasts news.

It categorises technology related news based on different subjects in the field. The sub categories are – artificial intelligence, automation, gadgets, innovation, space, cyber security, virtual reality, mobile etc. There are various policies that are followed by the website. The website also sold hats, cups, t-shirts, sweat shirts, tank top to the user. You can buy this stuff from the website shop area. All the selected items are stored in your cart which can be customized any time.

Website shows tech news from today by selecting latest news under the section picks. It shows the best news that is selected by the website can be viewed directly. The latest IT news can be shared on Facebook, or can be tweeted on Twitter directly as the website provides button to share them. There are innovative news which includes the articles about new researches that can bring revolution in computing solutions like future warfare with laser drone, mobile companies will soon bring flexible screens for the phone. Users can comment for the article about what they think, users can sort the comments and also move from one article to another directly. You can vote on the news or article on the website if you like it or not.

Breaking news section tells about the recent updates in the tech companies. For example the website now shows ford bets $1 billion on start-up and targets self driving industry, Facebook to pay $500 million for oculus rift NDA violation, Firefox cuts 50 members from OS team, the team was working on open source internet of things, dark web service hacked disabling 20 percent of it’s hidden services.

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