Best Ways Technology is changing Ecommerce

Ecommerce platform like Magento, bigcommerce, MIVA merchant, Shopfiy, Netsuite, osCommerce, ProStores, Volusion, X-cart, Yahoo stores, Zen Cart, Pinnacle, Nexternal, Woocommerce lives on upgraded technology that provides a seamless shopping experience to customers.

Here are five ways in which technology has shaped eCommerce:

Notifications replacing emails

Even a few years earlier, promotional emails used to get piled up in the spam folders. The customers were not interested in reading them. This was a major drawback in the interpersonal communication process between the business firms and the masses. Mobile apps gave way to notifications, that cannot be filtered by spam detectors. Additionally, these notifications are highly relevant to the interests of the people. Promotional offers, discounts, sales and other attractive schemes reach the customers without any hindrance. This is something very inviting.

The companies want to make a mark in the minds of the customers, so it is essential to have their presence at the back of their heads. This is possible through mobile apps. It has not only done away with the brick and mortar infrastructure of business, but also enhanced the relationship between the buyers and sellers. When an app is present in a smartphone, it reminds the customer of the brand every time he fiddles with the gadget.

Better filtering mechanism

Today, if you visit any eCommerce portal, you can use the search engine to find the relevant products. A number of filtering options are also present to tailor your requirements. These include different price ranges, choice of products according to brand preferences, filtering by colour and texture and so on. It takes a few seconds to scroll through the filtered products. When you have so many choices to filter the right product for the customers, customers will definitely bank on the eCommerce portals rather than wasting their time in the traditional market. Imagine the discomfort of crossing busy streets and dealing with different attitude of salesmen.

Faster delivery mechanisms

The concept of same-day delivery of products has already created a remarkable impact among the customers. Technological upgradation has made it possible for the eCommerce companies to deliver the goods within a few hours after receiving the orders. The technology is evolving, gradually streamlining the process. In near future, drones will come handy in delivering goods to the customers within minutes. This too, has refined the customers’ experience in online shopping. The comfort of getting product at ease and with pace has significantly transformed the buying inclinations of customers.

Integration of social media and ecommerce business

One of the most remarkable traits of the eCommerce business in recent years has been its integration with the social media sites. For instance, when you ‘like’ a particular product on Facebook, similar products start showing up in the eCommerce accounts. Similarly, the products that you usually buy from the online portals surface in the News Feed on Facebook, along with links to the website. All these have streamlined the marketing process leading to better promotions.

Marketing trends have been evolving, and a number of technological changes have propelled eCommerce trade in the last decade.The customers too, have a wide range of tools to estimate the prices, look out for better alternatives and locate the nearest stores. Thanks to the changing technology, eCommerce business seems to have a bright future ahead. The only thing is that you should fortify yourself with the right strategies to exploit the unmatched opportunities availed.