iPhone X’s Camera Scores A 97 At DxOMark

Apple’s iPhones have been known to take some pretty amazing photos with its camera, and it looks like the iPhone X is continuing that tradition. According to a recent review of the iPhone X’s camera by DxOMark, the website has given the iPhone X’s camera a score of 97, making it the second best smartphone camera to date.

For those wondering, it seems the first place is still being held by Google’s Pixel 2 which is actually surprising given that Google’s Nexus phones have never really been known for their cameras. That being, the score of 97 is broken down into photo and video, where the former category saw the iPhone X score 101, while the latter saw Apple score 89.

Based on DxOMark’s review, it seems that one of the areas that the iPhone X’s camera excels in would be in the exposure and contrast when it comes to photos, followed by color, and then autofocus. The same cannot be said for the video capabilities of the iPhone X, which while not terrible, does leave something to be desired.

According to DxOMark,“For portraits, the improved telephoto lens delivers sharp results even indoors, and the bokeh simulation produces a natural and pleasing background blur. Outdoors, exposures are outstanding, with great dynamic range, impressive skies, good fine detail, and punchy color rendering. Add to all that the extra features on the front-facing camera, including a Portrait mode for blurred-background selfies, and the iPhone X delivers one hell of a smartphone camera.”

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