Letter: Improve ATF technology

The media and Congress talk about a common-sense approach to gun control. Why don’t we start by shining a light on the problems and lack of resources at the Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners? CBS News aired a program on July 31, 2016, titled “ATF under the gun.” A quote from that program:

“So far, the ATF has survived, but its critics have scored major victories in efforts to hobble the bureau. Technologically, the bureau has been deliberately kept in the last century. They must trace guns used in crimes the old-fashioned way: On the phone. They did this 370,000 times last year.”

This explains why an individual can stockpile 23 assault rifles without red flags going off. There is nowhere for red flags to go off to.

Write your congressional representatives and ask them to do their job and bring the ATFE technology into this century. Where are the funds to enforce the current laws?