Peak 2017 Is Paddling out and Filming Your Friends with an IPhone X Sans Case

Ahh Apple. The company that singlehandedly revolutionized the way we listen to music with the iPod and the way we use our phones with the iPhone has recently ventured to conquer a new frontier – technology’s inherent nemesis, water. What, you say? MP3 players, smartphones, and waterproof smartwatches and phones were all a thing before Apple made them? And that’s what Samsung’s latest ad campaign trolling Apple is all about? Phooey. Is it even relevant if Apple isn’t doing it?

After significant hype, Apple recently released its $999 iPhone X to throngs of Apple-devotees, and there’s no shortage of reviews out there. But this one from Vimeo user Hawaii Eight gets an A+ for originality.

According to the video description, the footage above was shot on the thousand-dollar iPhone straight out of the box. And here’s what the filmer had to say: “Tested the new iPhone X for 45 minutes straight out of the box. Stock, no case. Everything seemed fine until the touch screen started to malfunction a half hour after getting out of the water. The so-called non-existent home button stopped responding not allowing me to open my phone. To my surprise the next day it fixed itself and is 95% back to normal. All footage is taken and edited on an iPhone ten.”

Man. 95 percent back to normal? That doesn’t exactly breed a ton of confidence the thing won’t fry itself next session. Thanks for saving us the $1K paperweight, though! For that, we salute you.