Saab receives Gripen technology simulator

March 23 (UPI) — Saab received a Combat Electromagnetic Environment Simulator at its facility in Sweden, allowing the company to perform new testing with its Gripen fighter.

The system, also referred to as CEESIM, was delivered by Northrop Grumman. It includes advanced pulse generation capabilities and digital modeling of multiple active electronically scanned array antennas.

Northrop Grumman calls the system the most powerful simulator available on the market.

“CEESIM’s high-speed direct digital synthesizer technology brings significant advantages to SAAB, including higher modulation sample rates, wide bandwidth precision intrapulse modulation, higher frequency resolution and accuracy, and reduced calibration time,” Northrop Grumman’s Joe Downie said in a press release.

The event marked Northrop Grumman’s first international delivery of a CEESIM system with APG technology, a move company officials say underscores their industry relationship with the Sweden-based defense manufacturer.

“This delivery represents the continuation of a long-standing relationship with SAAB and confirms our dedication to the success of their mission,” Downie added.

Saab’s Gripen jet is a multirole fighter operated by the air forces of Sweden, South Africa, Hungary and the Czech Republic. The manufacturer says the aircraft is compatible with almost any weapon built for aerial combat, a feature Saab credit’s to the jet’s open avionic architecture.