Man attacked trying to sell iPhone X at grocery store, cops say

Man attacked trying to sell iPhone X at grocery store, cops say

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 @ 3:45 PM
By: Lauren Foreman, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Kevin McGhee (left) and Michael Rogers are accused in an attack over an iPhone X at a grocery store in Kennesaw, Georgia, on Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017.

Kevin McGhee (left) and Michael Rogers are accused in an attack over an iPhone X at a grocery store in Kennesaw, Georgia, on Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017.(WSBTV)

KENNESAW, Ga.When a man’s ad to sell his $1,300 iPhone X attracted a prospective buyer, he thought he took every precaution to protect himself in the handoff.

David Stowers picked a Publix grocery store on Cobb Parkway in Kennesaw, Georgia, to meet Kevin McGhee just before 8 p.m. Saturday, according to WSBTV.

“It was well lit,” Stowers said. “It had closed-circuit television. It had a lot of traffic.”

McGhee and alleged getaway driver Michael Rogers were arrested in the incident.

It started when Stowers decided to meet McGhee, who responded to his ad on the LetGo app, in the dining area of the grocery store, WSBTV reported.

“We sit down. I take the phone out of the bag. He takes it. He’s looking at it,” Stowers told the news station. “I thought something was wrong, and I got a weird feeling like it’s not going to end well.”

Soon after, McGhee snatched the phone and ran until he was stopped by automatic doors that failed to open, Stowers said. 

At one point, McGhee slammed Stowers to the ground and a store manager and customer jumped in.

“I thought someone might lose their life,” Stowers told the news station.

Body found in Tampa neighborhood near recent string of shooting deaths, police say

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 @ 7:24 AM
Tuesday, November 14, 2017 @ 3:10 PM
By: Jason Kelly,

3 Separate Murders Linked in Florida, Possible Serial Killer On Loose

TAMPA, Fla.A man’s body was found early Tuesday in the historic Seminole Heights neighborhood of Tampa, Florida, blocks away from where three people were recently slain, the Tampa Police Department said.

Police said the body was found shortly before 5 a.m. near North Nebraska Avenue and East McBerry Street.

Investigators said Ronald Felton, 60, appears to have died from a gunshot wound. Investigators said he was walking across the street to a food bank at the church.

“We will hunt this person down until we find him,” Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn said during a news conference.

Investigators said they’re looking for an African-American man with a light complexion. Investigators believe he’s 6 feet to 6 feet 2 inches tall, with a thin build. He was last seen wearing an all black with a baseball cap and was armed with a large black pistol.

The shooting death comes weeks after three people were fatally shot in 10 days within a 1-mile radius.

Benjamin Mitchell, 22, was killed Oct. 9; Monica Hoffa, 32, was killed in a vacant lot Oct. 11; and Anthony Naiboa, 20, was shot and killed Oct. 19.

Police said they believe October’s shootings are linked by proximity and time frame, but they don’t have a motive or a suspect.

The three victims didn’t know one another, but each person rode the bus and were alone when they were shot on the street. None was robbed.

Until they can rule it out, police said they’re investigating Tuesday’s shooting death as one connected with the neighborhood’s previous killings.

Nearby residents were asked to remain in their homes, and bus service was suspended in the area.

Residents have also been asked to make sure their guns are secure.

“If you own a gun and it’s in your home, I want you to go to your home right now and find out if your gun is still there,” Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan said.

No other details were given.

Police release new video in search for Tampa serial killer

Thursday, October 26, 2017 @ 2:33 PM
By: Theresa Seiger, Cox Media Group National Content Desk

Possible Tampa Serial Killer Prompts Safety Measures

TAMPA, Fla. Police released new video Thursday of a person of interest who officers are searching for in connection with three deaths thought to be committed by a serial killer in Tampa, Florida.

Authorities said that three people have been shot to death since Oct. 9 in the typically calm Seminole Heights neighborhood. The victims, identified as 22-year-old Benjamin Mitchell, 32-year-old Monica Hoffa and 20-year-old Anthony Naiboa, were shot within a 1-mile radius of each other over a 10-day period.

— TampaPD (@TampaPD) October 24, 2017

A $35,000 reward is being offered for information in the case, interim Police Chief Brian Dugan said Thursday, up $10,000 from a previous award due to funding by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Police released video showing a person walking toward the area where Mitchell was shot and killed Oct. 9. In one part of the video, the person appears to be flipping a phone.

“That might be a habit of this person,” Dugan said Thursday at a news conference. “At this point, everything is a clue, everything is a speculation. The bottom line is this person could be completely innocent, but we want to talk to you.”

The person is later seen running from the area seconds after Mitchell was shot.

“Some of the video is not clear, but in my opinion, if you knew who this person was – if that were me in that video, I have to believe that my neighbors would be able to identify me,” Dugan said.

Police hope the person can help officers piece together what happened the night Mitchell died.

“We believe this person saw or heard something that could be a key to solving these murders,” Tampa police said in a news release. “We believe this person has ties to the neighborhood.”

Police said they have received hundreds of tips in recent days. No suspect has been identified in the killings.

Authorities continue to investigate.

(Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay)

Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay

Father kills wife, 2 young children in murder-suicide, police say

Monday, November 13, 2017 @ 7:25 AM
By: Patrick McMahon,

Crime scene tape (stock photo).(carlballou/Getty Images/iStockphoto)

carlballou/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Florida woman burns son’s hand on hot stove to punish him

Saturday, November 11, 2017 @ 12:42 PM
By: Scott Andera, Palm Beach Post

Miriam Rebolledo (Miami-Dade County Jail)(Miami-Dade County Jail)

MIAMIA Miami mother is behind bars after she allegedly burned the hand of her 6-year-old son on a hot stove as punishment.

Miriam Rebolledo, 29, was arrested Thursday and charged with aggravated child abuse after police say her son got into a fight at school, the Palm Beach Post reported. When other attempts at punishing the boy didn’t work, police said Rebolledo told them she “could not take it any more” and needed a “more extreme form of punishment,” WTVJ reported.

While in Miami-Dade bond court Saturday, Judge Ariana Fajardo Orshan took Rebolledo, who’s originally from Colombia, to task.

“In the United States it’s not [OK]. That’s not proper parenting,” the judge said, according to WTVJ.