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10 Upcoming Logistics Events to Boost Your Professional Development Plan

We all say professional development is important, but how are any of us making time for it? Learning? Also key and often overlooked. Networking? Yeah, that’s nice too—if you ever had time. A good logistics event brings… Continue Reading

The Logistics of Hosting The Olympics

Ever wondered just how logistically insane the Olympics are? Me too. A 17-day event that requires a decade to prepare for must be complicated. Cities throughout history have managed to underestimate the cost so significantly, they have ended… Continue Reading

What is Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF) for Shipping?

In brick-and-mortar retailing, a sale is a simple process. A seller owns an item wholly and completely until you walk in and give them cash for it. If it breaks before the sale, that’s the seller’s… Continue Reading

The Top 20 Most Popular Material Requirement Planning Software Report

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) should not be confused with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). While their history is intertwined, with ERP emerging out of MRP in the 1990s, it is vital not to confuse the two categories…. Continue Reading

3 Ways to Sell Your Boss on a Cloud-Based QMS for Medical Devices

You use cloud-based software every day—think of the social media apps on your phone, or the document storage software you use. Cloud-based systems allow you to transfer and store a large amount of data instantly. And it’s… Continue Reading

The Top 8 Free, Open Source ERP Software

Update 7/20/2017: We’ve added some new ERP options and removed those that were out of date. Solving complicated problems for your business doesn’t mean you have to splash out on a million dollar enterprise resource planning (ERP)… Continue Reading

What Is an Inventory Management System, and What Features Do I Need?

Being better at tracking the stuff you have is a great way to make more money. When you track your products, you can predict how much you’ll sell in the future, find them faster for your customers,… Continue Reading

Amazon Buys Whole Foods: What Does the Future of Retail and Logistics Hold?

It was only 11:30 a.m. on a Friday, and it had already been a busy day. Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) kicked things off by announcing its intent to buy Whole Foods Market (NASDAQ:WFM) for over $13 billion. This sent… Continue Reading

UPS vs FedEx: Who Ships More?

In America, shipping is synonymous with UPS or FedEx – depending on who you are. While the US Postal Service is larger by almost every measure, its package shipping program is no bigger than either of… Continue Reading

What Is MRP Software—and Do You Need It?

Welcome to Manufacturing History 201: MRPs and You. [Insert flickering 16 mm film and click-clack noise. Dim lights. Open juice boxes.] In 1975, Joseph Orlicky published the first edition of “Orlicky’s Material Requirements Planning,” setting down the foundation… Continue Reading