Besinpo Waterproof Case iPhone X, Underwater Full Body protection Drop Proof Cover for iPhone 10

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Besinpo Iphone X Waterproof Phone Case, Underwater Case Full Body 360 degree Protective Iphone 10 Case 5.8 Inch Warranty: Our products are strictly inspected and tested to ensure the quality of products meets the standards. Professional after-sales service team serves you for 7*24 hours. We provide you with 1-year free warranty and 45-day return or exchange service. Outstanding Features: (1)360-degree and multi-directional protection: It is waterproof, shock-resistant, dustproof and snowproof. You can enjoy surfing, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, rafting, camping, hiking, climbing, jogging and other outdoor activities with it. (2)Durability and stability: Compared with the plastic lids of other waterproof cover, the TPU material of its shell and rubber inflatable plug are more durable. (3)Sensitive touch: Its compact front-mounted and built-in screen savers offer smooth and fluent touch experience. (4)High Clear Voice: It has improved voice. It is waterproof with sound transmission gas-breathable membrane vents at the bottom of the box. (5)Ultra-lightweight and slim design is very portable and stylish. The transparent front and rear covers of the camera lens can ensure high quality and high-definition photos and video. Package Included: 1 x Iphone X Waterproof Case 1 x User Manual WARNING: (1)Please do Water Test according to the User Manual. (2)The built-in Screen Protector is Scratch-Resistant, so please don’t align additional Glass Screen Protector. (3)The original size charge cable is correct. Please pay attention to the width of your charging cable.