Rumor: Pokemon on Nintendo Switch to innovate like Breath of the Wild and Mario

\ Nov 19, 2017 at 8:16 pm

Rumor: Pokemon on Nintendo Switch to innovate like Breath of the Wild and Mario


Pokemon games have had a tried and true formula for years, so much so that developer Gamefreak has had little reason to really switch things up. The games keep selling and fans keep enjoying them but there are some people who would like the series to move forward instead of continuing to stay at a standstill.

With the announcement of a new mainline Pokemon game coming to Nintendo Switch, many fans have been hoping that we’ll see a bunch of changes and improvements come to the series via the console/portable hybrid and according to a new rumor, that may be true.

“Gamefreak was very nervous about doing any kind of radical departure for Pokemon, they sell so well why would you mess with that? Apparently, Breath of the Wild’s reception and the reaction to Mario at E3 was so overwhelmingly positive that it convinced them that they need to make the next Pokemon game as disruptive as those two games were. That it’s going to be as big of an innovation as those two games were.”

Could we see a 3D open world Pokemon game on Nintendo Switch with radically different mechanics? It’s possible and would be a great reason to get people to buy a Switch if they haven’t already. It also invites a new audience of players to join in on the series who were turned off by the type of game the series advertised for years.

Obviously, none of this is confirmed but if it does happen, what changes would you like to see Gamefreak make? Let us know in the comments below!

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