Technology Tuesday November 7, 2017

More than a million phones have become vulnerable to potential hackers this week. After people downloaded a fake version of a popular messaging app. This happens more often than you may think.

People are getting hacked and have no idea. Hackers somehow introduced 50 million applications known as ‘doplegangars’ or fake apps that mirror the real thing into the Google Play Store. Millions of unsuspecting android users downloaded the bad apps a total of 4.2 million times.

Security Adviser James Lyne with SOPHOS, a global security firm, explains how the user doesn’t realize that they are using a fake app.

“If you download a nasty version of Minecraft, for example, you actually seem to get Minecraft, and it seems to work, but in the background the attackers are able to access your information,” James Lyne said.

Lyne was able to install malicious apps on the phones given to members of the group. While the members were using the phones like they normally would, Lyne was able to retrieve their text messages, take pictures on the phones camera without the user knowing.

Experts say the dangers are far greater than just a stolen selfie.

“Once a cyber-criminal is into your phone, they can access your usernames and passwords and credit cards. Basically, to be able to profit from your device without you knowing.”