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Technology Category Winner: Dev Ganesan, Fishbowl

Dev Ganesan has a successful track record of building and scaling companies in the digital, mobile, customer relationship management (CRM) and analytics industries. Currently, Dev is serving as the CEO of Fishbowl, where he transformed the company from a legacy email services provider for more than 14 years to a big data analytics and marketing automation platform in the restaurant business, culminating in a sale to a private equity firm in early 2017. Dev served as CEO of Aptara, where he led its evolution from a technology vendor to a digital and mobile solutions partner, guiding the publishing industry’s transition from print to the digital age. Under his leadership, Aptara tripled its value in a three-year period and was acquired in 2012.

Prior to Aptara, Dev had leadership roles in several technology companies including Advanced Communications Systems (NASDAQ: ACSC) where he led seven acquisitions and the company’s IPO. He currently…

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