Android phone SHOCK: Apple iPhone X vs OnePlus 5T reveals surprising results

Apple have long been at the front of smart phone dominance, but a new contender has stepped into the ring and is giving Apple a run for its money.

The iPhone X was released to massive praise, though some consumers have noted a few flaws with the device already – the notched design on the phone’s screen receiving the most criticism.

The iPhone X is the company’s latest handset, and boasts better specs than any other iPhone released before.

But despite being the manufacturer’s most advanced machine yet, it looks like it’s already been beaten in some vital areas by an Android-based competitor.

This may be thanks to iOS 11 impacting the phone’s speed – the iPhone X has an impressive A11 Bionic processor which allows it to run complicated systems with ease, but the iOS supporting it has been creating issues with RAM management.

Apple is in the process of squashing the bugs that are impacting its machine, but whilst engineers attempt to fix the problems, an Android device has been declared king of the speed tests.

YouTube channel EverythingApplePro got its hands on the new OnePlus 5T and decided to test it against the iPhone X in a real-world speed test comparison.

The new OnePlus 5T runs a near-stock version of Android Nougat versus Apple’s iPhone X which is running the iOS 11 platform thathas been creating real headahces for iPhone users. 

The results are clear – the OnePlus 5T dominates in a speed test in certain areas.

You can see the video comparison, via EverythingApplePro, below: