Technology Tuesday October 31, 2017

Technology Tuesday October 31, 2017

Posted: Nov 01, 2017 12:26 AM CDT

LUBBOCK, TX — – iPhone X

Apple’s iPhone X (iPhone ten) will be launched on Friday. Pre-orders started Friday October 27th and are sold out.

This is expected to be most expensive iPhone Apple has released ever. The price tag for the ten year anniversary phone is $999 for the base unit of 64GB the 256GB will be $150 dollars more ringing up at $1,149.

But you do have the option of saving money by trading in your current phone to your carrier. We’ll break down the savings for you. T-Moble is offering a savings up to $300 dollars off. Sprint has savings up to $350 dollars off. Verizon has different tier levels for devices, each leave can save you money on your new phone the savings being up to $350 dollars off the new iPhone.

Apple has their own trade-up program offering as much as $375 dollars in credits with a trade-in.

Either way you choose to go the iPhone X will be the first iPhone to have Face ID and edge-to-edge screen display. And this might be the way all future iPhones will look like. We’ll just have to wait and see.

The voice-activated, Alexa, has been integrated into all of the Amazon devices.

But the high demand for voice command software has allowed Alexa to reach more people by allowing third-party hardware makers to build Alexa into their own devices.

Alexa and third-party company joining forces to help make your home a thing of the future.

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