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Tech in Asia Tokyo 2017, some insight and Thoughts by the Jincor  Blockchain Startup Team

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Tech in Asia Tokyo is one of the most important technology-related events in Asia. Not only is it an outstanding achievement to explore such an event, but there are some great benefits from being a part of it as well. Here you have a quick retrospective about Tech in Asia from Jincor’s team. They are currently trying to build a wholesome, secure, compliant and breezy to use product, that will allow any business to work with smart contracts and cryptocurrency payments easily with no legal, technical or operational complications. So Jincor’s team got their feet wet in the waves of networking during Tech in Asia Tokyo 2017 and shared their observations as from the trip.

Our International Ambassador, George Paliani, bringing Jincor closer to Asian Markets at @techinasia in Tokyo

— Jincor (@jincor_ico) September 30, 2017

This year, Tech in Asia Tokyo had a lot of startups from 23 verticals that showcased their products during 2 days of exhibitions. There were Fintech, SaaS as well as AI startups.
There were around 1400 attendees that joined the event and around 77 startup exhibitors, which ended up showing the true growth in the tech world, especially in the Asian Sector. There was even a 70-year old entrepreneur that creates automatic scribe with help from a fountain pen. So yes, you can literally find anything at the Tech in Asia Tokyo conference, as everyone is always focused on exploring new locations and it does tend to offer us some really interesting ideas!

There were some great startup ideas from Prinker for example, which created a temporary tattoo gun. It really is something amazing, and it goes to show that you can obtain some amazing new features without that much of an effort. It’s always nice to visit the Tech in Asia events because you never know what type of inventions you can get.

Our CEO at “Tech in Asia 2017” event. Japan, Tokyo. Go go Jincor!

— Jincor (@jincor_ico) September 28, 2017

From attendees to volunteers and partners, everyone came together in order to offer a really fun experience. And yes, this did bring in front some really interesting and unique solutions. If you are a fan of technology and engineering or startups in general, then the Tech in Asia events are the right thing for you. Tech in Asia Tokyo was no different to Jincor team, and it did bring in front quite amazing new connections, a handful of meetings with potential investors and partners in Japanese market that will be announced by the team in the nearest future. The next Tech in Asia event is coming in Jakarta between November 1 and 2nd. Stay tuned!

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