New Hyperkin Nintendo Switch Controller Grip Makes Joy-Cons Look Like A Puppy

Video game peripheral maker Hyperkin has announced a new Nintendo Switch accessory that makes the Joy-Con controllers look like a puppy. Called the Pupper Controller Attachment, the new stylized Joy-Con grip is set to arrive on Dec. 21 on Amazon for just $19.99.

The Hyperkin Pupper Controller Attachment for the Nintendo Switch looks pretty similar to the regular Joy-Con grip at first glance. Users will simply have to slide their Joy-Cons on the accessory and they can start playing. However, the main difference here is that the Pupper Controller Attachment is angled. Hyperkin product developer Chris Gallizzi told Kotaku that the angled design was “for more comfort.”

Pupper Controller AttachmentHyperkin’s Pupper Controller Attachment comes with an angled Joy-Con grip design.Photo: Hyperkin

The Pupper Controller Attachment is also designed that way to look more like a cute puppy. The Hyperkin accessory comes with three puppy mouth stickers that users will have to attach to the grip to make it look like a puppy. The Joy-Cons’ player indicator light serves as the puppy’s eyes, while the rest of the grip serves as the puppy’s head and ears.

It’s definitely cute, but it’s totally understandable why some wouldn’t even consider putting the stickers on the grip. That said, it seems like the Pupper Controller Attachment is a good buy for gamers who want a more comfortable gaming experience without spending too much money. This accessory only costs $19.99, while the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a lot more expensive at $69.99.

Pupper Controller AttachmentThe Pupper Controller Attachment comes with three decorative stickers.Photo: Hyperkin

Another thing to consider here is that Hyperkin’s Pupper Controller Attachment is also a charging controller grip. The Nintendo Switch accessory comes with an internal battery that charges the user’s Joy-Cons while they play. The Pupper Controller Attachment comes with a USB Type-C connector and cable so users will be able to charge it. The top of the controller grip also has the battery status indicator.

Nintendo also sells its own Joy-Con charging grip, but again, it’s a bit more expensive at $29.99. Based on the price alone, Hyperkin’s new Nintendo Switch accessory will surely get a lot of people’s attention. Pre-orders for the Pupper Controller Attachment aren’t available yet, but it will be available exclusively from Amazon starting next week on Dec. 21.

Nintendo SwitchHyperkin will release a new “Pupper” Joy-Con grip for the Nintendo Switch next week.Photo: REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon