Xbox One vs Xbox One X PUBG Frame Rate After Patch Performance Analysis

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds gamers wondering how the games performance has been affected since the installation of the PUBG patch released earlier this week. We’ll be pleased to know that the team over at Digital Foundry has once again set up their analysis system and reported back with a frame rate test comparing the Xbox One vs Xbox One X PUBG frame rate.

Digital Foundry explains more :

One thing that does stand out straight away is that while the visual quality is still poor, the vast gulf in texture quality between the standard and X units seems to have lessened this time around, though bad quality art is still in abundance on both systems with incidental detail – like ground debris – reduced to a cluster of barely filtered pixels. Anti-aliasing does look different – most notably on the base Xbox One – where the blurry nature of the filter has been dialled back, giving a crisper look.

But it’s performance that’s the key point in need of improvement, and while we can say that frame-rate averages have improved from the launch code to this week’s patch, there are still profound issues. PUBG still has a tendency to kick off with poor frame-rates from the lobby to the parachute drop-off, only stabilising minutes later into gameplay at the required 30fps. But there are still random issues that send performance plummeting and an abundance of foliage still seems to cause problems. Xbox One X now seems more able get a better lock on the target performance level, while the standard model is clearly more prone to dropping hard at stress points. Meanwhile, some areas of the map still cause issues, while high-speed traversal in a vehicle also causes choppiness on both systems. Across our tests, we’ve also had a couple of freezes, leading to crashes to the console front-end (thankfully you can jump straight back into the server you crashed out of).

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