Crime Stoppers Technology Upgrade

OSHKOSH (WLUK) — Winnebago Crime Stoppers has a new way for the public to send tips about crimes in the county.

Deputy Peter Ehlert with the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department tells FOX 11 they’ve partnered with an app called P3.

“A lot of people have smart phones. This is just another way for us to stay up with the technology.”

You can find the app in Google Play or the Apple store by searching “P3 Tips.”

Once you’ve downloaded it, Katherine Mann with the Oshkosh Police Department, say you can search for a specific community to report a tip.

“You go on there and choose what type of tip you want to enter and then write a narrative and then go back and update that tip too.” You can also upload photos or video to your tip, which Mann says is a great way to streamline investigations.

“It helps us a lot. Those pieces become evidence even if they’re just pictures of license plates or addresses, phone numbers, videos of the crime or where the crime occurred all that information’s very valuable to us.”

P3 is used across the country and even world.

Locally, Green Bay Area Crime Stoppers uses it too.

Winnebago Crime Stoppers has been active since 1992.

Officers told FOX 11 it’s helped solve dozens of cases.

If you have any information you think might help a case, they encourage you to report it.

“Even the smallest information or detail or tip could be the thing that finally unlocks the whole case for us,” said Mann.

“Many tips lead to arrests, many tips lead to us collecting evidence,” added Ehlert.

And, as with all crime stoppers tips, the tips on the app will remain anonymous.

“It’s a safe way for you to help keep the communities safe,” said Ehlert.

You can still call Winnebago Crime Stoppers with any tips. That number is 231-8477.

by Robert Kennedy