Thankful for Technology

Thanksgiving is nearly here, and you know the all-too-familiar drill – family and/or friends are gathered around a table and someone says, “let’s go around and say what we are thankful for.” You could go the cliché route and say “family” or “my health” or “this food”, and hopefully, we are all thankful for such things. However, we would be remiss to not look at technology as something to be extremely thankful for.

Obviously, technology doesn’t define who we are, but it can certainly affect our lives for the better. Let’s take a look at the impact of some of the most prominent technology trends in 2017, and distinguish how they have helped shaped our year and made our personal and professional lives easier.

Online Shopping

It’s estimated that close to 200 million US consumers, over half of the population, will shop online this year. Online shopping is no longer just people buying consumer goods or technology. In fact, the trend this year has pushed towards us receiving anything at a moment’s notice without having to do the “dirty work”. You can pay people to grocery shop for you or even watch your pets. Online shopping makes it easy for us to receive anything from the comfort of our own homes and gives us more free time throughout our days.

Mobile Work

From a professional standpoint, it’s hard not to get excited when you’re allowed to work from home. Mobility is soon becoming the standard of the modern workplace, and now more than ever working professionals can get the same, if not better, results from a home office. In fact, 90 percent of IT decision makers say that that mobility is critical to business growth and helps fuel productivity.

Mobility is especially important throughout the holidays, as you can easily connect disperse teams via mobile conferencing and collaboration apps. These helpful tools make information remotely accessible with the added bonus of increasing our work-life balance.

Streaming Media

I know what you’re thinking – “Is Netflix, Hulu and different TV subscription services really a value-add to my life?” The answer is yes (at least for most people). With over 109M Netflix subscribers worldwide, not including the many people who use the same subscription or those who choose a different streaming service, it is clear to see that people end their days watching their favorite shows or movies.

It’s good for our bodies to have “rest periods” and to take moments to unwind from our busy days. A recent study on Netflix finds that people, who may be particularly drained after a stressful work day, watch TV to recharge and recuperate.

I’m all about some new technology trends that make my life easier and I am so thankful for them. However, I am most thankful for my wonderful, loving family and friends. I hope you and yours have a great Thanksgiving!

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