In OLED Burn-In Tests, iPhone X Beat Samsung

Apple may have been late to the show when it came to adopting OLED displays, but recent tests show that they may have improved upon a key aspect of OLED displays. Recent tests carried out by the Korean website Cetizen shows that the iPhone X performs better in burn-in tests than Samsung’s Galaxy S7 or Note 8 devices.

The site tested all three devices over a 510-hour period where static images were displayed on the screen. The results showed that the iPhone X was the best at combating display issues.

The iPhone X displayed minor burn-in at around the 17-hour mark, but the severity of the burn-in did not increase over time. The Note 8 performed worse than the competition with noticeable signs of burn-in showing up at around the 62-hour mark. Somewhat surprisingly, the S7 Edge performed better than its newer counterpart though not as good as the iPhone X.

Apple has advised customers to not display static images on the iPhone X as all OLED displays have issues with burn-in, but these tests should provide some degree of comfort to owners of Apple’s newest iPhone.

One interesting take away from these tests are that the displays are all made by the same company. Samsung produced the displays for new iPhone as well as its own phones so it is interesting that Apple’s phone performed so much better in these tests.