Is the future powered by human or technology? – Ireland’s Technology Blog

The Creation and Application

In recent years, automation technologies have become a major focus of research and public concern due to their potential effect on the workplace.

In the next decade, automation will start to eliminate a few occupations, affecting portions of most jobs to a greater or lesser degree. That also depends on the type of work they entail.

Automation vs Anxiety

With an expected amount of 5 million jobs replaced by robots by the year 2020, workers whose jobs involves manual labour are particularly worried.

” To prevent it, the Government and companies need to work closely with workers to pick up new skills, especially those whose jobs are threatened by automation.” was mentioned in a recent Straits Time article.

For these workers, the Government and respective companies are trying out ways to help them. But, for fresh graduates looking for jobs, they are facing a similar dilemma too.

It sure doesn’t feel good seeing your field of study taken over by technology and robots after spending thousands of dollars to get that degree. Should these graduates still pursue careers that are soon ceasing to exist?

Humans Still Matter

A recent study put up by Emolument shows which job and degree major are at risk to be replaced by technology.

As businesses turn to technology and phase out menial tasks in a bid to be more efficient and productive, a rising number of people are finding themselves out of a job or having difficulty choosing one.

To avoid the overlap between humans and computers, we need to look at jobs that require elements of human behavior. Those traits that computers cannot replicate: intuition, creativity, innovation, compassion, imagination, and so on.

Experiences are values, not data.

As we use increasingly powerful computers to create more and more sophisticated logical systems, we may succeed in making those systems that oftenresemble human thinking.

But there will always be situations that can only be resolved to our satisfaction by humans employing judgement based on values that we can empathise with, based in turn on experiences that we can relate to.

As long as there are jobs that require cleverness, negotiation, and constant interaction with humans, these will be tough to replace.