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CIF partnering with BitDegree, creating B2B Blockchain course content

CIF has entered into an exclusive partnership with BitDegree, the world’s first blockchain-powered online education platform with token scholarships & tech talent acquisition.

The BitDegree platform will offer students the best online courses with a clear and transparent blockchain based reward system and achievement tracking. It is also a unique tool for businesses to recruit tech talent and shape global education to their needs. Think of it as Coursera and HackerRank merged together, powered by the decentralized blockchain technology.

The goals that BitDegree means to achieve fall in line with the core vision of CIF—to further the education and understanding of blockchain technology. CIF will be responsible for providing business focused course content to BitDegree as they hope to draw interest from a wider range of blockchain enthusiasts. Offering insight into business applications and use cases of blockchain technology will give CIF an amazing outlet to Bitdegrees audience (on an already established platform) as well as offer another layer of blockchain expertise and content to Bitdegree.

Courses created by CIF will cover all the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency as it pertains to businesses. We will highlight the practical applications these technologies offer to business and offer more in depth information on how a business can incorporate these technologies into their existing environment.

Once the course is ready, we will definitely invite you participate. In the meantime, keep checking out BitDegrees  for the latest BitDegree news.

@CIF_Team wants to develop their own eCommerce integration software, pending the investment of the $CIF#ICO for #b2c#enterprises: #ICO ends Dec. 31st!

— CIF (@CIF_Team) December 31, 2017

The CIF Ltd. Investment Platform allows businesses to re-invest their $CIF in the #crypto market, promoting community involvement & growth! for #b2c#enterprises: #ICO ends Dec. 31st!

— Scott Douglas (@AdminCIF) December 31, 2017

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