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Apple stock drops after Nikkei report of iPhone X production cut

“Apple will halve its production target for the iPhone X in the three-month period from January from the figure of over 40 million units envisaged at the time of its release in November,” Nikkei reports. “The U.S. tech giant notified suppliers that it had decided to cut the target for the period to around 20 million units, in light of slower-than-expected sales in the year-end holiday shopping season in key markets such as Europe, the U.S. and China.”

“The iPhone X, Apple’s first smartphone equipped with an organic light-emitting diode display, has failed to catch on globally — something many put down to a price tag starting at $999,” Nikkei reports. “Looking forward, the lackluster sales could result in a delay to the company’s plans to introduce OLED screens in other models.”

“The iPhone X features facial recognition and wireless charging, but unlike previous models, it is widely regarded as lacking any groundbreaking new technology,” Nikkei reports. “The production cuts for the X will have a domino effect on manufacturers that have supplied high-performance components for the handset, with the combined impact expected to run into billions of dollars.”

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MacDailyNews Take: And breathing unicorn farts will make you live forever!

For how many years will suckers fall for this?

In what has become the Nikkei‘s annual shocker: Apple is decreasing production in the quarter after Christmas. Cue the horror!

Everything in this Nikkei article is conjecture, estimates, and FUD.

This report (as with many of Nikkei‘s Apple-related reports) smacks of a plant designed to depress the price of AAPL. Plain and simple. And Nikkei seems to be the preferred place to do it.

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