Get 3 Months Of Xbox Live Gold For Free When You Buy 3 Months

If you’re running out of time on your Xbox Live subscription, or if you just want to extend it relatively cheaply, there’s a good deal going on for the service. Right now, if you buy three months of Live, you’ll get three more for free.

This works out to be a pretty solid discount, even if you generally buy per year. Three months of the service costs $25, which works out to a little more than $6/month (for comparison, a 12-month subscription at $60 is $5/month). The extra three months, then, brings the price down to a bit more than $4/month. The offer is available in the US, UK, Australia, and a handful of other regions, as outlined here.

If you’re not familiar already, Xbox Live Gold is required for online multiplayer on Xbox One and Xbox 360. It also comes with some other perks, however, including a monthly selection of free games as well as some subscriber-only sales. This month’s Games with Gold include Army of Two and Zombi, while February’s set will include Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India and Split/Second, among others.

You can take advantage of the discount by heading over to Microsoft’s store here. Upon buying a three-month subscription, you’ll receive an email with a code for an additional three months. You can apply this to your own account or send it to someone else.

In other news, there are a few good Xbox One X deals happening right now. Some are simply discounts, while others throw in accessories such as a controller and an Xbox Live subscription. To learn more about the system, you can read our Xbox One X review.