Security, new technology protecting travelers

Security, new technology protecting travelers

Security, new technology protecting travelers

Rebecca Lopez, WFAA

DALLAS — DART riders will see more police, more security and there will be more vigilance at bus and train stations.
Dallas Area Rapid Transit is increasing security at its train stations.
“We want to move as quickly as possible to add visible and physical presence to the system,” said DART spokesperson Morgan Lyons.
Riders will see more security guards and even federal air marshals at stations, especially during the holidays when there are more riders.

The bombing at a New York Port Authority bus terminal is a reminder of what can happen. 
Police say a suspected terrorist strapped a pipe bomb to his body and tried to blow himself and others up.
“This is a reminder if you see something, say something,” said Lyons.
No one understands the terror unless they have lived through it. Rocky Gathright was at the Brussels airport in 2016 when two suicide bombers blew themselves up, killing 33 people.
“Immediately, it’s a shock you never imagine yourself to be in a situation like that,” said Gathright.
He comforted people in the aftermath. “I was finding people, still shaking even an hour after it had taken place,” said Gathright.
In the U.S., high tech gadgets are being developed to stop terror before it happens. Authorities are testing panels that could be mounted at stations. They detect radio waves for metal and liquid objects
Across the nation, including Dallas, there are thousands of cameras mounted on trains and at stations that can be monitored live. 
Authorities can watch people who leave items and follow the person who left the item behind.
“The on-going vigilance is so important if they leave a backpack etc.,” said Lyons.
“You have to be aware just keep your eyes open. Just be aware of what is happening around you,” said Gathright.
Authorities agree. All of the security and technology in the world can’t replace the most important thing information from you, the public, that could help them stop an attack. 

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