WATCH: Trump Was Just Booed While Speaking Before Congress

Donald Trump has just become the first president to be booed during his state of the union address.

He was actually booed twice. First after suggesting that immigrants murder Americans, and then again when he said he wants to limit family reunification of immigrants via chain migration into the United States.

We’re surprised it took nearly an hour for the first boos to start.

Trump suggested that chain migration was “unlimited” but that just shows he doesn’t understand how it works.

In reality, its anything but unlimited. For those looking to emigrate to the U.S., you have to have a family member who is a citizen or green-card holder, which then, in turn, gives that person priority consideration to enter the country.

While other presidents have been heckled at their State of the Union addresses, none have been booed, not like this.

Here’s another clip of the incident:

Trump is booed when he refers to “chain migration” and starts talking about immigrants like they’re a virus

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