Nintendo Labo Has a New Feature That Lets You Program Custom Robots

Matt Kim, .

Nintendo announced a new feature today for its upcoming line of Nintendo Labo cardboard toys. It’s called Toy Con Garage, and it will let players program their own simple robots using Labo’s cardboards.

According to Kotaku, Nintendo representatives demoed the new Toy Con Garage feature at a press demo today. Utilizing “building blocks,” the simple program is modeled like “if-then” statements. The example reported is that you can set it so that pressing the Button on the left Joy-Con will cause the right Joy-Con to rumble. Using simple inputs like that, you’ll be able to customize your Labo experience.

With the announcement of the Toy Con Garage, Nintendo Labo is a bit more opened up, and not relegated to the pre-made cardboard instructions the two upcoming Labo sets ship with. In that way, Labo truly is becoming a bit more like customizable toys like Lego where user creativity can build atop the pre-packed instruction manuals.

Nintendo Labo will launch on April 20 with two sets, a Variety Pack priced at $69.99 and a Robot Kit $79.99.

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