Nintendo CONFIRMS Mario Kart is COMING TO Android and iPhone

Mario Kart is a classic game. Everybody knows it and loves it. But for the longest time, you HAD to have a Nintendo system to play it. Well… not anymore, as Nintendo has confirmed it is releasing a Mario Kart game for Android and iOS.

The game will be officially called Mario Kart Tour, and that’s kind of all we know about it right now; Nintendo is keeping 99% of the details safely under wraps. It did say when it would be released, however – well, sort of: “in the fiscal year ending in March 2019”.

How the game will work remains to be seen, but the format is very suited to mobile. I mean, you have TONS of excellent racing games available on both platforms, so the advent of Mario Kart is definitely something to look forward to.

My only concern is that Nintendo does something silly; like, releasing a racing management game that uses Nintendo characters versus a straight up racer. This would suck. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen and we get a fully-fledged racing game that features all of Mario Kart’s key features and USPs.

In other Nintendo news, the company also confirmed it will be making a feature-length film with the company that brought us Despicable Me and Minions. Again, there are ZERO details about this film right now, just the nod that it is 100% happening and will arrive in due course.

What’s going on here? Simple: Nintendo is back – in a BIG way. The company is now flexing its muscles, pushing new markets, and looking for additional growth in areas it has already had massive success in like mobile, for one. Pokemon Go was huge. But Mario Kart could be even bigger.

And then who knows what else we’ll see arrive on mobile?