PUBG’s Xbox One Exclusivity Period May Get Extended

This information is sourced to people who asked not to be identified due to the private nature of the supposed discussions. The report goes on to say, citing the same sources, that Bluehole is apparently looking to have PUBG be exclusive to Xbox One on console for a longer time period than originally planned.

Microsoft wouldn’t comment on Bloomberg’s report when approached by the publication. All it had to say was that, “Right now, the team is solely focused on bringing the best game possible to Xbox One and PC. We have nothing further to announce at this time.”

According to Bloomberg, Bluehole is in discussions with “all of the major console companies” about making PUBG available to a “broader audience.” The report goes on to specifically state that Bluehole is talking to Sony about bringing PUBG to PlayStation 4 after the exclusivity period on Xbox One ends.

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