Trump’s Latest Attempt To Escape Russia Investigation Just Got Ruined By The FBI (DETAILS)

Donald Trump and the GOP recently made a rather pathetic attempt to save the disgraced president from his Russia investigation — and they’re deeply regretting it now.

In order to help Trump shut the Russia investigation down, Trump’s team threatened to release a memo accusing the FBI and Justice Department of bias. Now, FBI Director Christopher Wray is speaking up and opposing the memo’s release due to its inaccurate information and falsehoods (no surprise there). According to Bloomberg News:

“FBI Director Christopher Wray has informed the White House of his opposition to releasing a controversial, classified GOP memo alleging bias at the FBI and Justice Department because it contains inaccurate information and paints a false narrative, according to a person familiar with the matter.”

Just last night at Trump’s State of the Union, the president was overheard telling a fellow Republican that he is “100 percent” going to release the memo despite the warnings from the FBI. However, regardless of what Trump does, the fact that the FBI Director is critical of its release and is claiming that it’s inaccurate is devastating for Trump. Now the memo’s impact has been deeply minimized and will likely be treated like another one of Trump’s insane tactics. No one will take it seriously. Not to mention, the GOP is going to be heavily divided over this. Many congressional Republicans have a profound respect for the intelligence community and will likely side with the FBI over choosing to protect Trump.

While the release of this memo might help conservative news get some new talking points regarding the Russia scandal, Trump isn’t likely to make any real steps toward firing Mueller or putting this Russia investigation behind him. Time and time again, Trump’s attempts only seem to blow up in his face — and this is just another one of those examples.

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